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tips from a local to inspire what to do in Copenhagen.

1/ one day in the city

2/ eats

3/ sleep

4/ out of town

1/ one day in the city


Bicycles everywhere. Cool design. A slice of history to understand presence. Danish sandwiches. Zen spirit on bike to fall in love with living. Tivoli Garden – and not without the bike.


Start the day on: Bike Mikes City Tour and journey through Copenhagen’s thousand years of history in three hours. That experience will give you a solid intro. Tour starts at 10 most mornings. Bike Mike’s Tour Shop is blessed by neighbouring Copenhagen’s truly top cafes: Next Door Cafe and Cafe Lillebror, both open early for your breakfast or just a cup of coffee before tour start. Both cafes literally just a few meters walk away. Right across Bike Mike’s shop is: Din Nye Ven (your new friend), good place for a hot or cold drink after the bike tour, they stock some very local micro brew stuff.

You are in Denmark, it’s lunch time, finally time to sink your teeth into the famous Danish sandwiches. From Bike Mike’s shop you are within ten minutes walk to most of my favorite places, see listing further down the column.

Rent a bike for your afternoon. Can be done at hotels or across from my shop at Sogreni Cykler. From having done morning bike tour you are in the swing of cruising around town on a bicycle, why not stop at The Design Museum in Bredgade for close up look at design Danish style. On the way back to medieval town swing by Slotsholmen/ Christiansborg castle, pop in at: royal reception rooms, for a stunning meeting with Bjoern Noergaard’s: tapestries, 17 of them hanging on walls in the grand hall visualizing Denmark’s history. Beautiful and fascinating. Then cross the harbor on Knippelsbro to Christianshavn, stop at our saviours church, climb the hundreds of steps to top of spire and see from there why the city is nicknamed: city of green towers. most days you can see Southern Sweden, Malmoe and the bridge linking two countries in one place plus not the least: see all of Copenhagen and it’s surrounding land.

Dinner time, maybe stay on Christianshavn, have informal dinner along the canals in one of the bistros or upgrade to one of the gourmet restaurants i.e. no. 2. see further reccomendations below.

My Zen Bike Tour is truly unique for an adventure. The tour is my crown jewel. Cycling only, absolutely no talking when cruising through the many worlds making up the one city.

Back at shop plenty of time to say goodnight in good, old: Tivoli Garden, in my view best explored late evening when all the magic comes out to excite all us who refuse to grow up. If you can manage some of the listed topics I am sure you will feel happy when sleeping in.

2/ eats

placestoeatFood. Not an unimportant topic when on the road. Good to test the old tastebuds with local grub and load the old stomach – make you ready for more bike tours! Like pork? Like to drink beer? If not, good luck surviving in Denmark. Us Danes are world champs in meat consumption and pork is what Danish bellies are made from. Pork and beer – there you have Danish culture in a nutshell. “Stegt flaesk & persillesovs” is our selected national dish though most Danes are said to serve up spaghetti bolognese for dinner as most frequently eaten meal in the kingdom. The sandwiches are legendary and Bike Mike says: no visit to Denmark is complete without eating danish sandwiches for lunch. Of lately a range of gourmet restaurants have shot up like mushrooms all over Copenhagen cooking wonders on the theme: New Nordic Food. Noma is the best known, the star of them all and in my view a must when visiting, some say it is the best restaurant in the world, it is definitely the most difficult to get a table at, so you need to plan/book months in advance. I have never dined so excitingly like at Noma. expensive yes, but you deserve it, don’t you? There are other restaurants around town to treat you to the New Nordic style of food, my favorites are listed below together with other food options.

New Nordic style (better make bookings here):

No. 2, Nicolai Eigtveds Gade 32, Christianshavn

Get the taste of New Nordic at reasonable prices, food is very good, so is service and the room and atmosphere and I like the setting on the harbor across from Christiansborg castle. One of my two favorite places it is, the other one is Bror

108, Strandgade 108, Christianshavn

Noma on a budget. Owned and operated by the Noma folks. Kind of bistro style new Nordic experimental cuisine.

Other eateries, less fancy, just google name of place for website with details but most of places shouldn’t require booking:

Copenhagen street food. New spots for street food munchers shoots up all over town.

Torvehallerne (food market), Israels Plads, City – next to Noerreport Station and ten minutes walk from Bike Mike’s shop.

Trendy food market, two halls with 50 stalls in each, in hall one you find the Danish sandwiches served at highest quality, expensive but top stuff quality in my taste. Inside hall two a few places serve freshly mixed cabbage juices, hearty stuff and damn good for your intestines.

Bio Mio, Halmtorvet, Meat Packing District

Popular vegetarian in trendy area, fresh ingredients, good value, lively atmosphere.

Rio Bravo, Vester Voldgade 86, City – right behind city hall and next to Tivoli Garden.
rio bravo
My place for: “stegt flaesk”, old hat danish food, simple but tasty to most of us Danes. Eat as much pork as your belly allows, pork slices covered with thick, creamy sauce flavored with parsley, served together with potatoes. absolute no quantity limits here and only little over 100 dkk poorer, you will feel the pork loads in your belly when trying to get out of the chair. Sink it all with litres of carlsberg – if you survive this pork bonanza, you are then entitled to apply for residence permit in Denmark! Most guests are usually Danes from the provinces missing the taste of home.

Bento, Helgolandsgade 16, Vesterbro – next to main train station and many hotels

I first tried Japanese food in 1977, that was in Kyoto, i had “tonkatsu” – pork cutlets, liked it so much so i re-ordered it twice more before leaving that restaurant. At bento I feel in japan and for good reasons: four generations looking after cooking can’t go wrong and doesn’t either. Sashimi is good and they serve tonkatsu for dinner. At lunch i fancy their ramen noodle soups at inexpensive prices.

Danish hotdogs, next to Rundetaarn (The Round Tower)

Remember Danes and pork? If you arrived by plane did you notice at the lines in arrival where you pick wait for your suitcase, there are a few hotdog stands loaded at all times with pork sausages, so suffering Danes arriving home from somewhere with no pork can get re-charged right away. Fantastic how Danes love eating hot-dogs at 6am while waiting for suitcases at the airport. My absolute favorite hotdog stand anywhere is the one next to The Round Tower (city tour stops there), you must try to chew a bit of Danish pork right there, first hotdog stand in Denmark serving organic grown pork sausages.

Danish Sandwiches:

Within ten minutes or less from Bike Mike’s shop, you find these excellent outlets for lunch serving the finest sandwiches: Restaurant Peder Oxe on Graabroedre Torv – solid, reliable quality of sandwiches, all the classic ones on the menu incl. great selection of heering where a few shots of akvavit (snaps) make the heering taste better, I recommend Norweigan: line akvavit, situated on beautiful square, romance in the air. At: Torvehallerne (food market) get your sandwiches from the stall in hall one (only one to choose from, can’t miss), on tap they have the famous Danish micro brew: Mikkelier.

…Aamann’s, Bike Mike’s top of the order worldwide when we talk Danish sandwiches. All four places in mention are best friends with my stomach (shows too). As top spots in the city also on the expensive side of the fence they are. Low budget style Danish sandwiches, call in at: Domhusets sandwiches in Kattesundet 18 (behind the district court building), 15 dkk per sandwich it is top value for money but only take-away, find a spot to sit down nearby, walk around court building and you are on beautiful Nytorv (new square).


Other Foodie Stuff:


“Flødeboller” (above) – yummy taste, easy to start eating, impossible to then find the stop button…

Bread quality is high in Denmark. Every wednesday only the bakery in Sankt Peders Straede (Bike Mike’s shops street) attracts locals in hordes for their cinnamon pastries. Very good bakery is: Lagkagehuset, now franchised all over town but no one is as good as the original shop on Christianshavn Torv, good for “rundstykker”/bread rolls in the morning and why not treat yourself to one of their cakes during afternoon. Talk about cakes, The Desert Dragon across Bike Mike’s shop is hard to beat for sweet tooth treatment in Copenhagen, call in after bike tour and get tempted and pump up your sugar depots.

Love ice cream? Yes? Welcome to heaven. Denmark is small but one of the worlds leading dairy countries, all the right ingredients here for tasty ice cream. Hansen is Bike Mike favorite brand, all pure stuff, no chemicals. Skaroe is another brand, hard to find though. Made on a small remote Danish island by mum and dad who lost their professional jobs, then got stuck into making ice cream out of their old barn the old fashion way, so successfully is their maple syrup ice cream it is served on Singapore airlines. If you anywhere in Copenhagen buy a cone with three scoops of ice cream, you will be contributing generously to the danish welfare system. 80% of the price is made up from five different taxes including tax of the air there to make the ice cream fluffy.

Irma is the name of a local supermarket, branches scattered all over town and they are a world leader in retailing organic products.

3/ sleep


Many fine choices suiting all wallets. My favorite hotel is Mandarin Oriental but in Singapore. I love too sleeping under the stars on a beach anywhere on planet earth. Maybe the finest place I ever stayed considering value for money providing me with single room very sparsely interior with bed, desk and one chair only, bathroom shared with others but all spotlessly clean, three meals daily plus tea anytime during day/evening, teachings daily and a view to Himalayas and overlooking Kathmandu Valley, Kopan Monastery at less than 10 usd daily for all this plus lots more.

For short time stay in Copenhagen here are three i would stay at:

Hotel: SP34, Sankt Peders Straede 34, city

Boutique style four star hotel, smart design, all the right bells & whistles you would expect from good hotel in modern capital city. I like the place for its central location: to cafes & restaurants, the food market only minutes away, across the road lovely city park, very close (few minutes walking – lesser if cycling) to most things in Copenhagen and not the least the hotel is situated in one of the most beautiful and historic streets in the city. Guess who is running bike tours starting from his shop immediately across from the hotel??

B&B: Sankt Annae B&B, Sankt Annae Gade 10, Christianshavn

Small B&B in lovely, local location on Christianshavn, street loaded with good cafes and eateries suiting all wallets, close to harbor, metro, bus stops and bridge to the city center which is less than one km away.

Floating hotel: CPH Living, Langebrogade 1c, the harbor on Christianshavn/Bryggen side

Central location on the water, obviously great views of the city, close to most, also Haven Parken on islands Brygge which is the cites most famous city beach during summer days and great party scene at night during those endless evenings under the soft Scandinavian summer sky.


4/ out of town


Start by heading across the harbor to Christianshavn for a relaxing sauna/wellness experience at: Sofiebadet. easy to find on map, open daily from after noon, can book a Hamam bath/massage session via their website, every Tuesday evening also so called sauna-gus is performed, the sauna gets heated with smells of spices/flowers from all around the world. During summer don’t forget to take plunge into the clean harbor waters of Copenhagen – Bike Mike’s: Green City Tour finish up by all guests hopping in for a swim in the harbor.

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art is the place to see for art lovers. It’s about contemporary art, fascinating sculpture garden viewing the sea, modernistic Danish architecture and not the least, the cafe, one of Denmark’s finest eateries considering taste/quality of food to little money spend. Rent a bike and away you are cycling into North Zealand, Loiusiana is about 35 km north of Copenhagen, along the sea a beautiful journey.

North Zealand is a beautiful part of tasting Denmark away from Copenhagen though many residents of this part work in the big smoke. Helsingoer with legendary Kronborg Castle (Hamlet) and the Maritime Museum, just voted one of the top designed museums worldwide and the city itself is a lovely place to get a feel for another slice of what is Denmark. Continue along the sea to: Gilleleje and Tisvildeleje, enjoy some of Denmark’s good beaches and Danish hygge in cute, small coastal towns. Frederiksborg Castle is the national historic art gallery taking one for a visual walk through Danish history. visit: for more inspiration for touring North Zealand, worthwhile an overnight stay. If you don’t have time – take time.

Samsoe is a Danish island positioned in the middle of the old kingdom and in the middle of the sea. you need to travel across Zealand to Kalundborg, hop on the ferry for small two hours (good for calming that troublesome monkey mind) and there you are on a small Danish island, a miniature story tale of remark so to speak. a few days by bike and you have time to get all around the island introducing you to some of the most wonderful nature spots, fantastic beaches and cosy eateries. Samsoe is home for growing loads of veges, during summer food in some of the islands restaurants taste like heaven. June & July is good for strawberries. The island is widely known for its renewable energy initiatives, a visit to: Energiakademiet is exciting (or horrific if you love more fossil fuels and lesser green, clean energy), visit their website: Just a few pedal strokes away is one of these places to stay at one remember long after having said goodbye and thank you: Hos Vibeke. Vibeke lives with her family on a traditional Danish farm, you can stay there too, good size room with good bed and good bathroom facilities plus a breakfast served in their dining room all freshly made from own produce comes at nearly nothing. check:, website only in dansih, just request in english dates you wanna stay, only few spots available. Farm is on a hilltop with forest and view to fields and the sea. The island is same size as Hong Kong island, the latter home to three million busy people, Samsoe home to just under four thousand locwith plenty of time on hand. has all info you need. One of my three favorite spots to go in Denmark.


Aarhus is Denmark’s second biggest urban area, a city I love so much, one of my own favorite places to visit anywhere. beautiful setting on the bay, rolling hills gives the city a tiny feel a la San Francisco, plenty of forest around the city, headquarters for two Danish commercial icons: Arla, one of the worlds largest diary production companies and: Vestas with all its wind turbines producing clean electricity all over the world. Aros is the Louisiana of Aarhus, good eateries and city centre with such a hyggelig atmosphere. Rent a bike to take you town about. Stay at: Hotel Marselis right on the bay and start your day with a swim in the open, fresh sea.

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