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Email: – best way to get in contact with Bike Mike
Phone: (45) 2639 5688 Text messaging to Bike Mike phone: (45) 2639 5688 is an efficient way to communicate short questions/messages on day of touring.
I will do my best to answer you asap. However I ask for your patience, as I am a one man band operation – thanks
Address for Bike Mike Tours Shop – meeting point for all Bike Copenhagen with Mike tours: Sankt Peders Stræde 47, 1453 Copenhagen, Denmark
Danish Company Registration: SE/CVR 32623875 Bank: Danske Bank



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Foggy day on Copenhagen bike lanes. Winter season is here. Bike tours run five days weekly at 10:00, no tours on Tuesdays & Wednesdays during winter season. But despite the unfriendly weather, nothing beats an urban cycle journey to get a prime feel for a place. Lea & Brooke from Seattle smiling after todays tour through misty Copenhagen conditions. I smile because I get a boost from the trust people like Lea & Brooke show me when joining my Copenhagen tour. Its an honor and beautiful to be fortunate to share discovery time together with great folks like Lea & Brooke. Thanks for coming along 👍🚲🚲🚲🇺🇸🇩🇰🙏🏻😜 ... See MoreSee Less

Rick Steves is my man. A modern day version of Mark Twains: if your stuck mind can’t handle life different to that beyond your garden gate, dont leave home. I like Rick Steves. He keeps challenging the stuck, unenlightend set minds in our world. 👍🚲😜 ... See MoreSee Less

Join Rick Steves as he explores the most surprising and fascinating land he's ever visited: Iran. In this one-hour travel special, you'll discover the splendid monuments of Iran's rich and glorious pa...

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Bikemike about service before and on tours...

My bike tours are about a unique urban cycling experience on streets of Copenhagen - one of the worlds finest cycling cities. And my tours are also about tales of the Danish way of life through hundreds of years. Told by a local. A Dane who grew up and was shaped by the Danish way of life, the Danish language, Denmarks songs, Denmarks history. That local is bikemike. Thats what my tours are about.

The service I offer is this advice:
do come prepared for my tours by having read and understood: "how bikemike tours works" on my website. Its self service. When you have read my house rules, then you know the ins and outs of the bikemike experience.

But too many still come for the tours unprepared. This is my message to them:

I don't offer and dont want to be tangled up in providing pampering service of all kinds to guests on my tours. My tours are only for people who can manage themselves before and on a bike tour. I acknowledge I live in a time, where many people cant do anything unless others do it for them. It stuns me again and again how people percieve value through how others pamper them. Do understand, if this is you, please do not join my tours. I dont want service requiring disruptions on my tours.

Focus on my tours are a unique cycling experience and tales told by a local about the Danish way of life. Thats what I offer and strive for doing to the best of my ability. Anything with service pampering and high maintenance requiring people I dont take part in.

This is a service message about what to expect on a bikemike tour and what not to expect.

Bikemike how it works:

Thank you.
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How bikemike tours work...

The key to enjoy your discovery of Copenhagen on my bike tours is to come prepared for the tour. Read before you book a tour with me:
Here it explains the do's and don't on my bike tours.

I aim to offer a unique urban cycling experience on streets of Copenhagen. I share historical facts of Denmark through 1000 years together with my own life experience living the Danish way as one of Copenhagens few born and bred in Denmark guides. But I do storytelling and not classic guide gossip stuff.

I don't offer any kind of classic service pampering of people. As it reads on my website: high maintenance requiring people better go somewhere else. In my view too many people today can't do anything unless others do it for them. I dont participate in that kind of service show.

My tours are ambitious. They cater for the curious traveler who can ride a bike and manage oneself in a hectic urban environment. People who want to know about the Danish way of life as told by a Dane, whos life has been shaped by the Danish way of life.

If you can buy into my way of how my tours work, then I love to welcome you. Thank you.
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