Relax, unwind and zip it. Awaken your senses, ease your monkey mind and let Copenhagen’s evening cityscape do the talking.

We’ll strike-up a meditative mood as we gently spin our way through one of the worlds most liveable cities, soaking up the atmosphere. Feel the worries of your day melt away as you take in the sights and sounds. Live and breath Copenhagen’s urban beat, her beautiful countryside and her clean, green air.

The Zen Tour is 2 1/2 hours of non-stop cycling in complete silence, no exceptions. Inspired by my recent trip to Kopan Monastery in Kathmandu where I spent weeks in silence (*full story), I will once again be offering this tour to fellow seekers of adventure and inner peace. Copenhagen wills us to experience her streets in a completely unique way. Ideally suited to the curious, open-minded and spiritual cycling connoisseur.

Treat yourself to the rare luxury of silence as we transport ourselves through Copenhagen’s many layers. We’ll travel off the beaten track, by the glow of moonlight, under the cover of the beauty..

“To point at the moon — and only see your own finger” goes an old Chinese zen expression. If the moon is out, do you believe you will see it?

the low-down:

blue_traingle city tour duration: approx. 3 hours

blue_traingle distance: approx. 30 km (20 miles), all flat terrain

blue_traingle tour pace: 15 – 20 km per hour

blue_traingle tour stops: none. non-stop calm cycling in absolute complete silence. then we learn to hear, what we never hear: the world around us

blue_traingle language: english

blue_traingle when: only as private tour. minimum six guests

blue_traingle departs: bikemike base in Sankt Peders Stræde 47 / latin quarter

blue_traingle price: DKK 300 / euro 45 / usd 50 – including guidance, bike rental and helmet. cash only.



Email: – best way to get in contact with Bike Mike
Phone: (45) 2639 5688 Text messaging to Bike Mike phone: (45) 2639 5688 is an efficient way to communicate short questions/messages on day of touring.
I will do my best to answer you asap. However I ask for your patience, as I am a one man band operation – thanks
Address for Bike Mike Tours Shop – meeting point for all Bike Copenhagen with Mike tours: Sankt Peders Stræde 47, 1453 Copenhagen, Denmark
Danish Company Registration: SE/CVR 32623875 Bank: Danske Bank


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Copenhagen in March: unusual icy Siberian conditions has turned the city into Coldhagen, but bike tours still go out for the brave, gutsy and adventurous travelers 🚲👍😉🇩🇰
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Tour stop, storytelling, wintertime, beautiful Coldhagen 👍🚲🚲🇮🇪🇩🇰❤️😜
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Winter weather in Copenhagen despite the calendar says springtime. Tours takes off most days but always check tourcalendar on morning of touring 👍🚲❤️❤️🚲🚲😜
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Copenhill. The new green skyline of Copenhagen. Waste to clean energy plant with skislopes on the roof. Right in the city of Copenhagen. Green transition Danish style 👍🚲❤️🇩🇰😜 ... See MoreSee Less

"Grundlæggende rejser du jo ud for at møde dig selv. For du kan ikke forstå det, du kommer fra, det, du tager for givet, før du møder noget, der er radikalt anderledes." - Bjarke Ingels.

The words above are in Danish language, It's an interview with Danish architecht Bjarke Ingels. who has designed the new waste-to-energyplant with skislopes on the roof here in Copenhagen. He himself is a serious world traveler. Bjarke Ingels says:

Basically one travel to meet oneself. Because you can't understand what you come from, what you take for granted, before you see and meet something radical differently.

I agree. Thats also why I travel. Well said.

Have you ever wondered why you travel?
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"Grundlæggende rejser du jo ud for at møde dig selv. For du kan ikke forstå det, du kommer fra, det, du tager for givet, før du møder noget, der er radikalt anderledes." For den danske stjernear...

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Home, safe and smiling. Season 2017 is done. British/Irish surgeons last guests today January 11th 2018. Fine people make great bike tours. Thank you for another wonderful season. Now I will be a traveling man myself for weeks to come. To Jerusalem and back. 2018 season commence mid-February 👍🙏🏻🚲🚲🚲🇬🇧🇮🇪🇩🇰🚲🚲🚲❤️❤️❤️😜 ... See MoreSee Less

Its December 29th but still pushing pedals with happy smiles on the 56th degree north latitude. Bikemike's Copenhagen tour is the worlds most northern all year round operating urban bike tour.
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Standing guard I do for four wonderful Canadien girls out of Toronto. They didnt appreciate my dresscode but loved the touring by bike in winter cold Copenhagen 👍🚲🇨🇦🇩🇰❤️😜 Merry xmas or in local Danish lingo: glædelig jul ❤️ ... See MoreSee Less