Himalaya by bike – update

Himalaya by bike – update

My adventurous bike journey across the mighty Himalayas has been postponed. My new plan is to go for the crossing of the Ladakh Himalayas in September 2018.

My wife did a break-away on my plans earlier this year. She got promoted and re-located and is residing in New York City for the years to come. That has kind of changed routines around our Danish home and put a spanner – temporarely – in my planning wheel for the Himalaya crossing.

Now my travels will focus on America for the years to come. Spend time in our Manhattan home but also do road trips around my favorite country. When young many years ago, I crossed USA many times: by bicycle, hitch-hiking and aboard Greyhound busses. 43 state border lines have I crossed, now time is to do the remaining seven.

I also want to visit the Highlander Folk School in eastern Tennessee and the John C. Campell Folk School in Brasstown, North Carolina. I want to go and be the places where the Danish pastor and philosopher Grundtvigs ideas also became influential to changes of USA.

Not the least I look forward to explore New York City by bicycle. Still recall many awesome bike journeys around Manhattan and Brooklyn back in 1989. Best one was a six hour all around Manhattan “after midnight” tour on my now 45 year old fully equipped Campagnolo Record bicycle.

But the Himalaya crossing is still there to do. I will do it. That’s my promise to the forces which made me survive cancer 6 1/2 years ago. Give me spirit to keep on living on two wheels.

Ride on…


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