I have a dream

I have a dream

One day I will cycle over the Great Himalayan Ranges. That day is set to be one great day in September 2016. Together with my Danish friend, Christina, we will set out to cross the Great Himalayan in the old Ladakh kingdom on the border between India and Tibet.

My dream to cycle over the Himalayas was born early morning on May 11th 2010. That day I woke up shaken and stirred following a seven hours cancer operation the day before. Time has shown the operation was successful. I survived. The surgeons’ snabbed the tumor who by then had done damage to my rectum. Now my bum is an ostomy sitting on my abdomen. “I have a dream, one day I shall show you the top of the world” I said out loud to my ostomy, when I first time saw it. That promise gave me daily hope during recovery. I feel grateful that I now can plan and prepare to realize my dream and keep the promise to my ostomy.

One day in August 1963 I sat on the floor of our humble and poor home and starred at our new tiny, small black & white television. I was eight years old. I recall very clearly how a man speaking on the tv more than caught my attention. I didn’t understand what he said. I didn’t know his name, had never heard of him, didn’t know the place he spoke at. That day was about a two years after my father had died. I was the oldest of three brothers and today I know, how the burden of fatherhood damaged that eight year child I was trying to be. “I have a dream…” said the man on tv. He said it again and again. “I have a dream…”.

Martin Luther King’s legendary phrase became a lifesaver for me when I grew up. I couldn’t handle reality and disappeared into my own dream world. I became the dreamer guy I still am today. I just have to say the words: “I have a dream” and my emotions gets on the move. “I have a dream” by Martin Luther King became a spiritual lifesaver for me all those years back.

I can’t wait until we cycle over the Baralacha La pass in the Great Himalayan Ranges. It is the very pass where one cross the Himalayas. Top of the world. The Himalayas. Then I will have fulfilled my promise. And lived out my dream.

More to follow on Bike Mike & Christina’s journey on “Highway to Heaven”.

June 30th 2015 – 14 months before we go.

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  1. Walter 6 years ago

    Thank you for the great tour of Copenhagen last Thursday. I read your story and am impressed about your plans. Do it, fulfill your dream

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