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Zen and The Art of Bikes…

– Cycling in Scandinavia is a way of life, writes Alison Stewart.

I am relieved to learn that, “When we bike, the city does all the talking, when we stop, we do the talking”. Mike’s eccentricity is part of his charm, combined with his passion for Copenhagen and Denmark from a cyclist’s perspective. In a way, his love affair with bikes epitomises all of Scandinavia’s approach to city cycling – it’s a normal way of life.

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Captivating Copenhagen

– International Travel Chick

Big Mike Bike Adventures. By far, this was THE BEST thing I did in Copenhagen. It was COLD (as you can see from my huge coat). But it was so fun! Mike is THE.BEST.EVER!

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Wonderful Copenhagen

– Rick Steves

…we also booked a city tour by bike (with Mike, recommended in my guidebooks) that was thoroughly enjoyable.

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36 hours in Copenhagen…

– The Travelphile

…First on our agenda was a bike tour of Copenhagen with Mike from Bike Copenhagen With Mike. As a local, Mike was able not only to talk to us about historical context, but he also infused his lessons with cultural and social insights…

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Bike Mike with the BBC

May 2019
Hello Mike, This is “Pittsburgh Mike” from a few weeks ago. We were gone for 17 days and toured 7 cities……but my “Bike with Mike” was the highlight of my vacation! Thanks! As I am now retired and already ride 10 miles a day, I am seriously thinking about a North American “Bike with Mike”! Thanks………and see you on our return trip to Copenhagen!

Mike from Pittsburgh

May 2019
“Copenhagen cult classic”
is Bike Copenhagen with Mike according to review posted by American luxury & lifestyle magazine & travelsite: Conde Naste Traveler. I am honored and joyful. Thank you and I shall try to live up to this on every single tour to come ♥️🚲🇩🇰️🙏😉


May 2019
Michael, Flying back to Seattle yesterday, I was thinking how in the 3.5 hours of your tour on Saturday afternoon, I was able to learn more about Danish/Copenhagen history and culture than in my prior two trips to Copenhagen.

You are an excellent ambassador to Denmark.

Be well.

Dan Velente, Seattle, WA

April 2019
Very informative trip and it’s a great way to see everything with someone who knows what they are talking about. Would highly recommend this tour! Stuart Patterson, England

July 2018
Mike, Thanks so much for the tour today. Charlotte and I came to Copenhagen in part to connect with our Danish roots. My great, great grandmother came from near Billing – no connection to Lego, but a strong one to Danish bacon apparently. My great, great grandfather came from Kristianstad in Sweden. They came to New Zealand like yourself but stayed there farming. It was awesome to get a better sense of that Danish culture from the tour. I get why my family is so oriented towards social justice may be a bit better now.

I have done many bike tours all around the world and I really thought you were fantastic in style and knowledge.
By the way we found Rosario Sanchez’s taco place in the meat packing district tonight for dinner and it was trully stunning. I’ve eaten tacos all around the world and it was something else – and avocado popsicles, wow.
Thanks again. Cheers, Steve, NZ

June 2018
Dear Mike, Your International Impact.

My wife and I were on your Tour last week. As I told you, it was graduation day on Sunday and I pronouced the following words thinking about your inspiring comments on your society:

  • Be altruistic: Ask yourself which kind of society you would like to live in and built it
  • Cultivate beauty: we have to move from the concept of innovation trigged by yet another industrial revolution to the concept of creativity which finds its source and object in nature and in human beings
  • Thru your daily actions starting now, make sure that there is enough pure air and clean water so that you can realize your professional goals and your personal dreamsBest regards, Michel Gendron, Dean, University Laval

May 2018
Hi Mike– last summer, my husband and I took our wonderful tour with you through Copenhagen– it was the highlight of our two week trip to Denmark (from Washington, DC/Bethesda Maryland) — you helped us understand the country– we did not stop talking about what we learned from you for months–so much so that our friends are headed to Copenhagen very soon on our recommendation and love for the country (which sprouted from your tour– understanding the social dynamics, good will, and culture of the country and its people.) Only one problem, my friends, who are in their early 60’s but in great shape, don’t cycle. Is there any way you can suggest that I can get them into your orbit?– I would love them to “hear and see” the city and its culture through you. Maybe someone can ride them around in one of those ultacaca jitney’s?! — do you have any suggestions? He is a well known author. I know you would enjoy meeting them. Curious if you have any suggestions.
Many thanks, not only for considering my request but for adding perspective to our lives– it was the most important thing we did in Denmark! Carol Star

May 2018
Mike, Thank you so much for the guide!! I incorporated many of your suggestions into my day and had a wonderful time. I biked up into Nørrebro and had breakfast and coffee there, then biked back and jumped on the train to Malmo. I had a great time walking around there and went to the Malmo museum and the Malmo Konsthall. When I came back to the city I biked and walked around Vesterbro and grabbed dinner in the meatpacking district (and ended with a beer at Warpigs). So many fabulous suggestions and I was so grateful you took the time to write all that up! The “mad cycling dane” is a perfect nickname! It’s funny, biking must have come a long way in San Francisco since you lived there. It feels like everyone there bikes now, whether for a commute or for fun. Unfortunately drivers aren’t as used to bikes there as they are here—I got “car door-ed” on my bike a few weeks ago and obviously lived to tell the tale, but it seems like everyone in San Francisco had a similar story to tell once they heard mine! I would hope that those kind of accidents are less common here since bikes are such a common means of transportation and I would think drivers would be used to all the bikes. I also see a lot of the cargo bikes in San Francisco—they’re an increasingly popular way of toting kids around town. Tomorrow I plan to visit 108 the corner and have a smørrebrød before I leave the city (unfortunately no time for Louisiana this trip!). Thank you again for all the amazing recommendations and thank you for the bike tour! Best, Sara, San Francisco

April 2018
Our trip to Copenhagen was an enormous success with culture, good food, kind hospitality and even fantastic weather. We were very lucky. Your tour, at the very start of our stay, was critical in setting foundation and giving us a sense of direction for the days that followed. We really enjoyed your company and the history lesson. We will be telling all of our friends that they must take your tour. For the record, we did not eat any the herring you spoke of, giving us a reason to make a return trip. Cheers, Terese and Tom

April 2018
Hi Mike, Just wanted to thank you for the tour today, you definitely have the gift of story telling! It’s been the highlight of my time here in Copenhagen so far. Margaret from Connecticut

April 2018
Michael, Our group absolutely loved the tour on Saturday morning. We took in all the important sights and learned so much about the city and your way of life from your unique presentation and knowledge. We had lots of laughs and particularly enjoyed cycling together through the old parts of town. We are so glad that we were part of your tour and wish you personally all the best in work and at home. Simon, London

April 2018
Mike, My family and I thoroughly enjoyed our tour of Copenhagen with you on 12th April. It gave a great insight into the Danish way of life and showed us parts of the city we probably wouldn’t have found during our short stay. We would certainly recommend your tours to other visitors. Thank you, Alan, Helen, Zak & Olli, UK

March 2018
Hi Mike. I just wanted to say thank you for a fantastic tour. We really enjoyed it and it was probably the best thing we did in Copenhagen. I particularly enjoyed your style of storytelling and your take on history. It’s always so much more interesting getting a local perspective with a little flair! And I especially wanted to thank you for being so accommodating with my friend’s condition. She ended up being ok in the end….just a bit in pain! I’ve copied her on this email. We will recommend you to our friends and will leave you a review on trip advisor. Many thanks for the experience. Cheers, New York city

March 2018
Forget Noma, the Little Mermaid and all the other feted attractions in Copenhagen. Mike, of Bike Mike Tours, will set you up for a trip to remember of Denmark’s capital city. Mike has a deep knowledge of Danish history, sociology, geography and politics. Add to this lovely mix his philosophical nature and humourous outlook and you have the best tour guide on two wheels. Make sure to book a tour with this great Dane. It’ll delight you. Greetings, Catherine Moran, Ireland

March 2018
Thank you Mike. This is the only way to see Copenhagen, you get to explore and find out how it came to be as a city and with Mike leading you around, its truly the best way to discover this incredible city. In a city that is known for many thing especially cycling, food, culture, style and of course is steeped in history, what better way to see a place than on two wheels. I could not believe that amount I found out and all I saw in just 3 hours. Thank you Mike it was Incredible. 5 Big Stars. L. Regan, Ireland

March 2018
I really enjoyed the tour; it gave me a great overview of the city’s history and views. I particularly liked the start of the tour where you spoke about the impact the church of Denmark has had over social policy. I have traveled to agnostic countries and very few city tours give a balanced depiction of the role faith plays in the fruition of a city or place. This was greatly appreciated. The weather didn’t bother me at all so it wasn’t a hindrance. K. Bernabe, New York City

September 2017
Besser kann man Kopenhagen nicht kennenlernen. Auch wenn es regnet. Heinz Roth, Bern, Schweiz

August 2017
Really enjoyed our Copenhagen biking tour with Mike today! Finally, I found a tour in Europe guided by a LOCAL knowledgeable guy. It makes a difference, great experience! Sanja from Croatia

August 2017
Hi Mike,
My wife and I rode on one of your morning tours last week. We had only one day to spend in Copenhagen and I wasn’t sure I wanted to commit three hours to a single activity, but in hindsight must admit I was wrong; it was the perfect thing to do. We saw so much more than we would have seen on our own and got a little exercise as well. So thanks for a great time. Best regards, Jeff Kerr, Austin, Texas, USA

June 2017
Hi Mike,
Thanks for a brilliant bike tour today around Copenhagen. We had already walked around the city a lot but you took us places we did not know about & enriched the experience with plenty of first hand knowledge and passion for your beloved Copenhagen & Denmark. The bikes were easy to ride too – lots of fun! We love Copenhagen, Ken & Lynn, Fremantle, Western Australia

April 2017
Mikes bike tour was the best experience ever since I have moved to Cph. I got more in 3 hours that I have learnt about the city in a year! Mike is a brilliant guide, his passion and love for this city, for cycling and for danish lifestyle makes you wanna stay forever! Thanks Mike! Janka from Hungary, now resident of Copenhagen

April 2017
Had an amazing time with you today Mike. What an amazing way to see the city. Mike is an amazing character with a lot of love for Copenhagen to share. If you do a cycling tour, do this one! Guy Williams, Darwin, NT, Australia

March 2017
Hi Mike,
I enjoyed this morning’s tour so much, you really bring Copenhagen to life! Thanks for the bike souvenir, I love it! I tracked the ride (including my route from home on a Bycyklen) on Strava and I use a website called relive.cc which turns the rides into videos. Thought I’d share it with you – feel free to use it if you want to. https://www.relive.cc/view/888496116. All the best, Helen Wilkie, Scotland

March 2017
Hi Michael,
Your tour has not only shown me the beauty of Copenhagen but also educated me on the culture and lifestyle of it’s people. And to add the cherry on top, the Venezuelan girl from my tour, Salvy, we ended up hanging out for the rest of my trip. I couldn’t ask for a better time! Thank you again, Till next time. Lisa, NYC

December 2016
Great biking city tour with Mike on Winter Solstice’s bright beautiful morning! Love every bit of his no-frills no-nonsense style of biking tour! especially love his Version of the Tale of Copenhagen city! Lin Binbin, Singapore

July 2016
Hi Mike,
Thank you so much for a fantastic ride. I really enjoyed the bike tour – and the pug hugs at the end! I can’t believe how much of Copenhagen we got to see – it really is 1000 years of history in 3 hours. I look forward to taking the tour again next time I’m in town. You have a wonderful way of sharing joy and optimism, and I imagine many of your riders go home inspired to help make the world a better – and perhaps a bit more Danish – place. It could be worse! cheers, Teresa

July 2016
Hi Mike,
Thank you very much for our ‘Little Mermaid’. It was very nice of you to send it home with Richard. It has brought back very pleasant memories of your lovely city, Copenhagen. We really enjoyed our stay in Copenhagen and it’s almost exactly one year since we were there. Richard loved his tour with you. We are right in the rugby season at the moment so not too much other sport on TV as you can imagine. A husband and wife from Geraldine are heading your way soon. We have suggested maybe a bike tour of Copenhagen with you so they will probably make themselves known if/when they arrive. Maybe one day we will be back and will certainly make contact with you if that happens. Thank you again. Kindest regards, Oliver Bruce (former NZ All Black)

June 2016
Hi Mike,
My husband and I took one of your bike tours in Copenhagen last year and we both have been bitten by the bike bug! We owned bikes before but nothing too special! They were very basic and cheap! My pedal even fell off on my first ride! Since your bike tour we each now own 2 bikes each , mountain and a road bike! We bike ride every chance we get! We think of you often and just wanted to thank you for inspiring us to get into biking! Kathy and Jim Kolbeck, California

June 2016
That was fabulous from start to finish. You are a the biggest star on wheels! Thanks, Steve & Sharon, The Presidio, San Francisco

May 2016
Loved our bike tour with you today, Mike! Your lively, intelligent, and informed commentary had a great blend of history, politics, and philosophy. I will recommend your tour to others! We also thank you for recommending Cap Horn restaurant – it was lovely. We couldn’t get in to No. 2. Carry on! Peggy from the US/Pacific NW

September 2015
Just a quick note to say thank you for an outstanding experience today. I was here for a few days of business from Boulder, Colorado. I thought we were crazy about cycling, but we have nothing on Copenhagen. Very inspiring. I couldn’t resist taking your tour when I found you on the web. I only wish it was longer. Tonight at dinner I recited about 17 stats to my colleagues that I learned from you today – from the date of Denmark’s change to democracy to the the date when Copenhagen will no longer be dependent on fossil fuels. Thanks for a great day and hope to connect again in the future.
Sal, Boulder, Colorado

July 2015
Hi Bike Mike!
Last friday we (4 Belgian girls) did the city bike tour with you and we wanted to let you know that it was the highlight of our trip to Copenhagen. Thx so much for sharing the Danish spirit and street soul with us! I’ve just got one question for you: how do you write “could be worse” in Danish? I just really love that saying and want to share it with my Belgian friends over here. Anyway, keep up the good work, riding bikes with you was inspiring and hyggelig! 😉
Laura, Charlotte, Marlies & Elise, Flandern – City tour

July 2015
Hi Mike,
My daughter and I thoroughly enjoyed our bike ride last Saturday with you in the sunshine. Great fun, you were most knowledgeable about lovely Copenhagen in an interesting way (never boring!!) and what a great way to see the sights, especially the places tucked away where you would never find yourself. Will return to Copenhagen again and try one of your other tours! Thanks for a great day!
Sally and Louise, USA – City tour

June 2015
Nice ride Mike, thanks. We have been in CPH 6 hours, three of them with you. First impressions mean a lot, and it could not have been better.
Cheers, Casey Danielson, USA – Ride & Dine tour

May 2015
Hi Mike, I did your bike tour last Sunday afternoon and I just wanted to write to you to express my heartfelt thanks for providing such a surprising, uplifting, wildly entertaining, and totally authentic experience of your beautiful city. Your finale tribute to ‘Father Denmark’ was especially moving, only topped by your willingness to indulge our group with a Danish folk song! As a formerly committed cyclist who has (in recent years) ‘lost his faith’, I take my hat off to your passion, your exuberance, and your obvious joy for living and the bike. As the French cycling fans might say “Chapeau BikeMike!” – your bike tours should be on the ‘bucket list’ of every global traveler, you really are that good.
Thanks again, Jono Byrne

May 2015
Dear Mike, Just a quick note to say thank you very much for our very enjoyable bike tour last Saturday (we were the four English guys booked under the name of Sheppard). We all agreed afterwards it was one of the highlights of our short stay. We saw much more of the city and learnt much more of its history than we would have done just wondering about ourselves!
Thank you once again,
Kind regards, Malcolm Adams, UK

April 2015
Hello Mike, I would like to thank you for your outstanding bicycletour in your fantastic town last saturday. The way you led us trough nearly all the streets of Copenhagen and telling of all aspects of Danish life, culture and history keeps us thinking for weeks!! Your way of using humor and your communication skills gave us a lucky feeling of finding you. It gave so much more than just walking in a beautiful town center. We tell everybody in Holland that you are the cycling tourist office in Copenhagen.
We wish you the very best!
Johan van Cranenburgh

June 2014
Sadly I didn’t get to see your email prior to the start of the tour yesterday, hence my bewilderment and ignorance. Despite that aches and pains today, it was well worthwhile, incredible that such countryside can be so close to a major city. Also incredible how many boats and bikes there are here. Every Dane must own at least of of each, clearly some a lot more. Anyhow thanks again for an incredible time.

June 2014
Hi Mike, I just wanted to say thank you for our tour on Saturday. It was a highlight of our trip to Europe and the best introduction to Copenhagen we could have asked for. You shared with us your passion for Denmark and Danish culture and this made it a truly special tour.
Thank you again! Nadia and Simon, Brisbane, Australia

June 2014
Thank you, Mike. The most memorable parts of traveling are the encounters with people who we will never forget. You are now on that very special list and we genuinely enjoyed the personal touch that you provided while showing us your city. Thanks so much, and we wish you all the best…
Ken and Cathy Steele, Houston, Tx

May 2014
Hi Mike, Must say that your bike tour was up there with our visit to Noma – we thought it was terrific – really enjoyable and very interesting. Hope you got to kiss the Prime Minister!
Regards, Fiona and Pete Walker, Bristol, UK

May 2014
Mike, Thank YOU for a fantastic and very zen tour of the city.
Susan, South Carolina

April 2014
Hi Mike, Thanks for your email. We will definitely check this out when we get home on the 16th. We both really enjoyed our time with you yesterday and were wishing that you could show us all over Denmark while we’re here. Take care and stay healthy!
Best regards, Ellen and Larry Borger, California

April 2014
Hi Mike,
This is Jacquie and Sandy. We want to thank you for the wonderful city tour today. We did not want it to end. It was wonderful. The pace was perfect and the stops were well-thought out. You did a great job. We would like to know if you can recommend a good restaurant somewhere in the city, (preferably near a Metro stop). We are mainly vegetarians but we eat a little fish like Salmon or tuna. You’re welcome to join us.
Thanks again, J & S, Virginia Beach, VA

August 2013
Here is a link to the photos I took while the bike was being retrieved from the water. I didn’t catch the actual retrieval because I was slow in getting my camera out. Karl and I had a wonderful time on the tour today yesterday – thanks for everything. Dinner at Noma was fantastic. The cancellation we got in on was for a party of 8 so we were seated with three other couples – one from England, one from Belgium, and one from Norway. Quite the international group! We all got along well, so it made the experience even more special – something we’ll never forget. If you are ever visiting the San Francisco Bay area again, let us know – perhaps we could do a ride together.
Cheers, Lisa

August 2013
Dear Mike,
Thank you for the confirmation. This reservation is for my clients, K. Marsh and her husband and adult daughter. My clients, B. & L. Mainers and M. & H. Hortin from late July loved your tour, it was a highlight of their short time in Copenhagen. Your writings are insightful and I make sure to include a copy of the experience writings in clients’ vacation packages.
Thank you, Anna. Personal Travel Manager, EXP Travel Management, Affiliated with Travelink, American Express Travel

August 2013
Your bike tour of Copenhagen was the highlight of our vacation. We cannot tell you how much we enjoyed it and how much we fell in love with your fair city. We also appreciated the great restaurant recommendation you made–Oven Vande on Christianshavn. It was perfect. Just what we were looking for–good food and not many tourists:)
Cheers, Megwin Finegan

August 2013
Thoroughly recommend to bike with Mike – the BEST way to see Copenhagen and learn something on the way – thank you Mike for your unique take on a guided tour, we will long remember.
Claire, Cheltenham, UK

July 2013
This was definitely one of the highlights of our trip through Italy, Switzerland, Germany and Denmark! It was lovely to cruise through such a bike-friendly city on a sparkly summer’s day and to hear so many interesting details about it.
Karen Welberry, Melbourne, Vic

July 2013
Loved Mike’s storytelling as we biked through the city. A great journey! Thanks Mike!
Rachel, NYC

July 2013
Cheers Mike! Thanks for an unforgettable afternoon, I had such a wonderful time exploring Copenhagen with you.. much happiness,
Anna, Lismore, NSW

July 2013
Really enjoyed the tour. Susan is a new convert to biking…
Roger Vandiver, Chicago

June 2013
Hi Mike
I rushed back to the ship only to find that it leaves at 5pm so I would have had plenty of time to not rush back! doh! I SO enjoyed both tours. You do a fantastic job! I looked round a couple of times at all the relaxed smiling faces of your bikers, you make Copenhagen fantastic for everyone. After yesterday and today, I have personally named Copenhagen my favourite cities out of all the many places I have visited all year. So a huge Thankyou! I’ll hopefully see you again sometime in August when we visit again and I can bring my man along! With great best wishes and blessings on your orange hat!
x Romany

May 2013
Hi Mike,
It is Wayne her from the ‘Naki’!! Just want to thank you for the wonderful experience we had on Friday and although it was not my first time in Copenhagen it was differently a much more pleasant experience because of your tour. Just loved your passion for the city and Denmark and the Danish way of being (cannibals, sugar intake, wine & dine, tobacco etc), the passion you have for “The Old Man” H C Andersen whom Alan & I both think you must have some of his genes even though he didn’t marry! as you love telling a story! and of course how Niels Bohr (with the help of Ernest RutherfordJ) helped the Danes to a better & longer life. Didn’t get much of a chance to take you up on some of your recommendations as to what to do / experience while in Copenhagen as we were also visiting friends. We were only on a long weekend break from Stavanger where I now live (for 30yrs), but they are on the list for the next time I am in Copenhagen. Have already recommended your trip for several colleagues whom are planning a trip to Copenhagen this “summer” and I am sure they will be well pleased with your tour also.

We continued our MC tour on Saturday afternoon heading back to Stavanger via Helsingør – Helsinge – Frederikscærk – Hundestad – Sjællands Odde – Århus – Hirtshals and oh what a beautiful country you haveJJ Denmark always reminds me of home as although I went to school and later worked in the ‘Naki (Manaia about 15km from Hawera) my home town is Otorohanga just south of Hamilton. Alan is a Devon boy and he had much the same experience.

Wayne Phillips & Alan Winsor
(2 subjects of the British Commonwealth whom both have done what HC Andersen DIDN*T do and because of that gotten stuck in Norway JJ)

May 2013
Dear Mike,
Last saturday we made the Copenhagen tour with you. I am one of the dutch guys who asked you about Kierkegard. I did like the tour very much. I would like to thank you for the personal way in which you did this , as well the insides in history,country and city. Well you can come and leave,but I like it to thank somebody personally. Good luck with your business!
Kind Regards,
Ron van de Water, Berlicum, the Netherlands

May 2013
Good morning Mike,
Last saturday me and my friend Ron took part in your city tour.(I am the tall guy you advised to reach out for happiness ever after on top of the church of little Amsterdam). I would like to thank you very much for the personal, very humorous way you let us see Copenhagen through your eyes. It contributed a lot to our weekend in Copenhagen.
Met vriendelijke groet,
Pieter van der Stek

April 2013
I just wanted to say a very big Thank You for a wonderful bike tour last Saturday morning. We were a group of 6 girls from Ireland in Copenhagen for a weekend .We all agreed that this was one of the highlights of our Wonderful weekend in Copenhagen!
Thanks! Tara, Ireland

March 2013
My son and I really enjoyed your tour of beautiful Copenhagen, we were lucky with the weather, blue skies for the whole five days. Your tour was informative and interesting, we learned a lot about the city and what a great place it is to live. Thank you so much for a fascinating tour, probably the best thing to do on a sunny cold Sunday morning in clean almost car free Copenhagen.
Pauleen Malone, UK

September 2012
Hi Mike,
We are just back home and we would like to thank you for the two tours we did with you, a very proud Dane. We too feel the freedom biking generates in you and felt very much at home with you in Copenhagen and its countryside. We enjoyed your banter and humour and hope you are well and rushing around Denmark on your bike.
All the very best, Kerry and Mark McGowan, Australia

August 2012
Hi Mike,
Amy and I thoroughly enjoyed our time with you and Copenhagen last night. Thanks for offering such a lovely experience.
PS. Be on the lookout for my son Kevin Bogle. He’ll be in Copenhagen for three weeks starting next week. I’ll send him your way.
Best, Ron Bogle, United States

August 2012
Dear Mike,
Thanks for a great tour. My husband Chris and I just arrived back home to NJ last night and your tour was definitely one of the highlights of our Scandinavian trip. Keep on peddling!
Regards, Ayse Wronski

July 2012
Dear Mike,
Thanks for the bike tour of Copenhagen. My 12 students from Penn State University greatly enjoyed seeing the city. Your commentary added a lot as your enthusiasm for the city was clearly evident. Your professionalism was greatly appreciated, and we will be sure to include your tour as part of our study abroad program in the future.
Terrence Guay, University Park, PA, USA

October 01. 2011
Dear Mike,
Thank you for the inspiring tour during our visit to the Cycling World Champs in Copenhagen. Everyone enjoyed it very much. Kind regards,
Sabine, Koninklijke Nederlandsche Wielren Unie, Evenementen Manager

August 19. 2011
Hi, Mike,
My name is Yoshihiro from Hiroshima Japan. I enjoyed your city tour on Aug 12th with my wife Yumiko. We came back to Hiroshima. Thank you !!

August 16. 2011
Takk for ein fantastisk tur i går 15.08.11.
Mvh Tallak Hoslemo (v/KS tur)

August 11. 2011
We had a blast (despite having sea legs). Thanks for being a wonderful host.
Brian Chase, Wisconsin

August 06. 2011
Thanks Mike for such a great tour!
Amanda Fairey, Los Angeles

July 06. 2011
Hejsa, Mange tak for en god tur i går – jeg synes det er et super produkt du har og jeg er imponeret over du kan levere samme høje og personlige kvalitet år efter år.
Mange hilsner Henrik, Wonderful Copenhagen

June 25. 2011
Thanks, Mike. Your bike tour gave us a personal insight into Denmark. Not only did we learn much about Denmark, but your tour gave us the confidence to rent bikes on our own and continue exploring Copenhagen by bike. We had a great time and you helped create lasting memories.
Montana travelers

June 24. 2011
Hi Mike,
Back in OZ. Had a great holiday and you helped make Denmark one of the highlights. In retrospect we should have stayed longer but I guess it gives us an excuse to get back there one day. The bike ride was great and your passionate guiding was an inspiration to us both, its great to see someone who loves there country as much as you obviously do. We want to get to Auckland some day in the not too distant future so we may catch up with you there, if not, the offer of a place to stay while you check out our part of Australia is definite. We live right next to the southern ocean, plenty of room, lots of beaches forests and wineries to keep you interested. Hope you are fit and well and we may catch up sometime in the future.
Cheers, Brenton & Sue Air, WA

June 12. 2011
Bonjour! Back in Montreal! Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed my bike trip with you. Thanks for showing us Copenhague and sharing your bike experiences with me. I most enjoyed your knowledge about Copenhague and your enthusiam to share it with us. Hopefully your future bike trip will be most enjoyable and I hope that you will share your experience with us. Let me know how I can keep in touch with you to share your future bike trip. I hope to be able to read ‘ Either or ‘ in a near future. That book seems to be most enlightening!!!! Best regards from a very warm Montreal ( weather is 26 celcius),

June 10. 2011
Hi Mike,
I just wanted to say thank you for a fanatastic evening tour last Monday. I have visited Copenhagen a number of times over the last 3 years and spent many a happy evening walking around enjoying the many beautiful sites in the city. On Monday evening I felt this enjoyment of the city was taken to a new level as you introduced me to the heart and spirit of Copenhagen as well as the physical beauty. As you know my work in Denmark is coming to an end so it could be a long time until I return to the city but my memories of it’s beauty will always be in my mind and thanks to your tour it’s spirit will always be in my heart. Many thanks for a memorable evening and all the best for the future.
Kind regards, Andy, York, UK
Posted May 28. 2011
Had a great time with Mike and loved seeing all the sights. Great way to start your trip in Copenhagen!
Al and Vicky Seba Beach Alberta

May 23. 2011
What an intro to Copenhagen! Friday was an amazingly fun and informative morning where we got a real insight into the city, but at a comfortable pace. I didn’t feel like a tourist and it was easily the best thing I did in Copenhagen. Thank you!
Sarah from Bristol, UK
Posted May 10. 2011
Just had the time of my life on the Unplugged tour – I am sure I never would have seen Copenhagen the same way without Mike’s ride and descriptions. This ride will easily go on record as the best part of our trip!!
Jensie Miksich, Des Moines, Iowa, USA
Posted May 08. 2011
Once again thanks for the awesome tour, Copenhagen is now definitely on my list of places to see again some day and Bike Mike will surely feature on my itinerary once I return.
Cheers, Beni from Sao Paolo

May 06. 2011
Hello Mike,
We are now back in France. This is school holiday and I should see the students next week for their exams. We really enjoyed our stay in Denmark and the students loved the bike tour with you. Thanks a lot for telling us so much about life in Denmark. Copenhagen is also a very nice town and I feel like I would come back with my own family for holidays. We wish you all the best for your project of cycling the Himalayas in September. We hope we can hear about it in the French news! Take care of yourself. Best regards, Nadine, Nantes, France.
PS: I attach the picture I took of the group before going round the town.

February 05. 2011
Danes cycle an average of 1,000 kilometres annually per capita and most streets have separated bicycle lanes. One of the best ways to explore Copenhagen, therefore, is on your bike. A morning cycle tour – a peaceful, leisurely whirl which took in the charming medieval old town, Old City Square, Castle Island, Chistiansborg Palace, Nyhavn, the Royal Palace and the Cathedral of Copenhagen – was an ideal way to get my bearings before exploring the city in greater depth on foot. Clearly passionate about his country and its capital, Mike made an otherwise enjoyable trip a particularly memorable one.
Helen Boylan, Ireland

November 24. 2010
Hi Mike,
All our family liked very much the November bike tour through Copenhagen with many interesting stops and fine recommendations from you. The excellent guidance of your made us want to come back for another visit to Copenhagen. Thanks you.
The Timmermanns, Belgium

October 01. 2010
Hi Mike,
Bryan and I took your tour today. It was a fabulous way to see the city. Thank you for all the stories, anecdotes, and history about Denmark…….it was a perfect end to our work week and visit to Copenhagen. We ate at Turesen as you suggested…..and we both ordered the Parisian burger…..it was delicious! Thanks again!
Warmest Regards, Eileen, Philadelphia

September 28. 2010
Hi Mike,
Thank you. Without your personal journey to realising that you had to follow your passion we would not have had the joy of discovering, in the true sense of the word, how wonderful Copenhagen is. Simply you made us fall in love with the city. You led us through the heart and soul of your home town. However, best of all was being in your company. There was no small talk- on the first stop we got down to discussing meaningful things that matter to you and the rest of Denmark-poltics, history, the stealth but loveable Brits…all done with a terrific sense of self mocking and self deprecation. I will start reading Either/Or in the hope that I get your personal therapist Kierkegaard to sort me out like you. I know that writing here and adding to to your fan club will mean that you will have more people eager to have you guide them- deservedly so-but we will always feel that this was a unique experience just for clare and me. If you ever need a table at Noma, just let me know- I have connections!!!! With warmest regards.
Staph & Clare (London)

September 06. 2010
Hi Mike,
It was great to meet you last Saturday. I absolutely fell in love with Copenhagen while I was there for the long weekend. The city, Danish design, the Nordic food and the people watching were all fantastic. I just wanted to drop you a quick line to say that I have not forgotten that I need to email you with my thoughts on a cycling tour for Auckland given it was my home town for 26 years and I am an Auckland girl through and through! As Jennie and I mentioned, we also have friends who are avid cyclists who may also have some helpful hints. I learnt so much on the tour and had a great time. I will be recommending it to my friends who are coming to Copenhagen later in the year. I just read about your cycle over the Himalayas – what a challenge, very inspirational. I love the principle “Attitude is Everything” – I am going to put it up on the wall of my office! Have a great day and I will be back in touch.
Caroline, London / hometown: Auckland, NZ

September 06. 2010
My husband, 16-year old son, and I visited Copenhagen in early August 2010. We biked with Mike the day that we arrived from the US. The bike tour really helped to orient us to the wonderful city of Copenhagen. Mike’s comments at the talk stops were interesting and insightful. I admired Mike’s ability to keep the large group on the August 2 morning tour together. We had a great time.
Thanks. Susan, Phil and Brendan from Washington DC.

September 06. 2010
My 2 friends and I came to Copenhagen for 4 days in August 2010. Accidently we ran into an add of Mike’s bike tours, and luckily for us went for it! Mike is a wonderful and inspiring man, he has so much information about the city and the world, And he shared it with us and the group in a very moving way. We went on the day city tour and had so much fun that we came the next day for the “behind the scene” night tour. I recommend to everyone to give themselves this gift and see Copenhagen from within on the bikes. it’s easy, and the stories and experiences you have along the way will expand your horizons. We have only one last word to say.
THANKS Galit, Yana and Chen from Israel.

August 19. 2010
We did the City Tour in August. We were on a Celebrity cruise and your tour was one of our highlights of the vacation. Our two teenager children loved the combination of sight seeing combined with your wonderful stories. We wish you continued good health.
Herb Evers

August 16. 2010
Hi Mike,
I’m the person you took on a private tour of Copenhagen last April 24, with detours to the Danish Jewish Museum and the climb up the church steeple. This is just a belated note to say Thank You again for a wonderful time. I haven’t forgotten what a great host and interesting person you were and I hope to come back to Copenhagen some day––and to take one of your longer bike tours at that time. I planned to send this note a long time ago, but time flew by. Neighbors of mine are planning to go to Copenhagen for their wedding anniversary in October (10th anniversary, I think), and I’ve recommended to them that they take your tour. I hope they take my advice. I’ve also told many other friends and neighbors about you and the great bike tour I had. And, FYI, I recently read some stories that reminded me of you and your tours. The links are below. Please let me know if you are ever visiting New York City (Manhattan). I would enjoy meeting you there…or in Hoboken, NJ, where I live, if you would take the quick ferry ride across the Hudson River. I hope all’s well with you.
Best, Rob Calem

August 12. 2010
Dear Mike,
I rode with you on Thursday and just wanted to thank you for an enjoyable and informative trip delivered in a relaxed and informative way.
Nicholas from Liverpool

August 09. 2010
Dear Mike,
I wanted to let you know that Cheapflights.com, the leading site for finding and publishing flight deals, recently featured Copenhagen in our recent “Top Ten Places to Bike across the World” blog feature and press release. Our “Top Ten” lists are quite popular, as they are read by thousands of people and often featured in other media outlets. You can find our biking destinations list here: http://news.cheapflights.com/2010/07/top-10-places-to-bike-around-the-world/, Since yours is the definitive site on biking Copenhagen, I thought you’d appreciate knowing how much we – and our readers – think of Copenhagen as a travel destination. I just discovered BikeCopenhagenWithMike.dk and thought it’s one of the best biking-tourism sites I’ve seen; it’s well designed, navigable, and has excellent written and visual content. Your cancer story was particularly poignant and I also enjoyed the photo of your feathered “boss.”
Kind regards and best wishes, Martin,
[email protected] 10 Post Office Square – Suite 1000 Boston, MA 02109

August 07. 2010
My husband Sean and I did the bike ride this past Thursday with you. It was the end of our baltic cruise and a two day stay in Copenhagen. I feel like I know the city…it was wonderful. I would do it every week if I lived there!!!!. Next May I hope to return and do a Norway fjords cruise with my three adult daughters. I will be signing us up for the bike ride…and they will love it as much as I did.
Oneida from Chicago

July 24. 2010
We voted your tour the highlight of our vacation. We learned a lot about every aspect of life in Copenhagen, and the boys loved it as well- but- they said next time they will leave the Swedish Soccer jerseys at the hotel. Great day!
The Fosters Philadelphia, PA

July 12. 2010
Hi Mike!
Stort tack för den fantastiska cykelturen i lördags. Du tog oss till många ställen vi aldrig hade sett tidigare och Birgitta och Niklas, 50-åringarna, var lyriska över turen och din guidning efteråt. Vi vill väldigt gärna få en karta över rutten. Jag har försökt att beställa den via din hemsida, men länken fungerar inte. Än en gång tack!
Marianne och gänget från Sverige

July 09. 2010
What a magnificent bike tour we had around Copenhagen, beautiful city, great history, awesome weather and excellent guidance. Thanks.
Mary, New York City

June 20. 2010
Dear Michael,
Thank you for a wonderful bike ride. It was really a spectacular experience. I thought I would share this story with you. When my daughter Anna, now 21, was about 3 or 4 years old, her father was exasperated at not finding his keys. “I have looked everywhere!” says Simon. Anna replied. “No you haven’t, you haven’t looked in the place where they are!” This is a simple statement from a child. But I take it further. As soon as you focus your mind on the object, rather than panic that there is disorder, the solution is always there. When I lose something, I try to be really quiet and to acknowledge the one Mind who knows all and as man is his reflection man also then knows. Mary Bake Eddy talks about the one Mind in her book Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures provides wonderful insights for living. I would encourage you to read the book. Best wishes, Caroline from Johannesburg

June 15. 2010
We have recently returned home from a Baltic cruise and our day in Copenhagen was wonderful with the expert guidance of Mike and his City Tour. Both Ron and I were extremely pleased with our tour and found the sites we visited and information that Mike provided to be among the highlights of our cruise and the best bike tour we took part in (we did several others). I know we saw parts of Copenhagen we never would have on any other tour or on our own, so thank you Mike for a wonderful experience. Continued good health to you!
Mary and Ron Swanson, San Jose, CA – Royal Caribbean Jewel of the Seas May 31, 2010 sailing

June 05. 2010
Greetings from the mountains of western NC, I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you how much we enjoyed the day biking with you. That was one of the high points of the trip for me. Mr. Forrister tells me you had surgery and the outcome was good. I wish you a speedy recovery and a clean bill of health. Take care,
Mike Brantley, Murphy High School, Murphy, NC (USA)

May 07. 2010
Both my husband and I wish you a speedy recovery from your surgery. We hope you are doing well and will soon be back on your bike and ride down the “C” germs. We will be in Copenhagen on June 2nd and were planning on seeing your wonderful city by way of your tour. Hopefully that will still happen, but if not, we will hopefully be able to find an alternate tour. Take care of yourself.
Ron and Mary, San Jose, CA USA

May 06. 2010
My best wishes for your swift recovery from surgery – My grandaughter and I had planned to Bike with Mike next week (we are from Maryland and North Carolina – US)- so I am very sorry to read that you are out of commission for a few weeks. Hopefully you will recover quickly and be back bicycling on the streets of Copenhagen soon.
Sue from Catonsville, Maryland US

April 30. 2010
Dear Mike,
I would like to thank you once more for the very nice city tour I had with you last wed April 28 . It has been a very nice way to discover your beautifull town and learn a lot about your country history and colture! You have been a very informative guide , and it showes from miles distance that you love what you’re doing!thank you again!and as I said to’ you personally you should change your “motto” to bike with wiki-mike because you Are a “cyclingclopedya”
Ciao from Rino Di Noto, Sorrento, Italy

April 27. 2010
Compliments, Mike,
On Tuesday, April 13, you conducted a bike tour of Copenhagen for my student group. I want you to know how much all of us enjoyed seeing Copenhagen by bicycle. The tour you provided us truly enhanced what we had studied about Denmark in the class I taught by helping us piece together how Denmark’s past has helped create the modern state that it is today. We certainly appreciate your patience with us. Your tour of the city is an excellent adventure and one I hope I can experience again when I return to Copenhagen. Thank you for how you enriched my students’ experience in Denmark.
Jason Forrister, Cherokee, North Carolina, USA

April 20. 2010
We are planning to take your city tour at the end of may. We are also interested in cycling to Helsignor from Copenhagen. Is that a doable trip over a couple of days visiting the Louisiana Museum and Blixen House along the way? Is it likely to be a windy route? Should I make a reservation for the city tour if we are a group of four?
Thanks, Bob Cox

April 15. 2010
Hey Mike.
I was just on one of your tours with the student group from the US and I just wanted to thank you for a great experience I will remember for years to come. Your a great character who has given a true memory of Copenhagen.
Thanks, Ryan Cook. Sent from my iPod

April 14. 2010
I just very recently went on a tour with Mike and it was one of the most fun and greatest experiences of my life. It showed the true side of Copenhagen from a great perspective and Bike Mike really knows his stuff while being safe and fun.

April 11. 2010
We went on a bike tour of Copenhagen with Mike last week (late March). I am not a great cyclist and was a bit nervous, but I immediately felt safe in the care of Mike. He suited us up with bikes and helmets, explained how he does his tours – regular stops at key areas where he tells interesting and entertaining anecdotes about the city – and off we went. Copenhagen is made for cyclists, so we had absolutely no trouble with traffic or hills (there aren’t any). Mike is a huge asset to the city of Copenhagen – he has a phenomenal knowledge of its history and deep devotion to its story. Throughout the day, Mike showed us parts of the city we simply wouldn’t have seen any way else. By the time we got to the end, we’d learned a huge amount, had a spectacular day out, and made a friend in Mike. I can’t recommend his tours more highly.
Alexandra Hammond, London

March 22. 2010
Rainy and cold March day and I was the only customer; would Mike still run the tour? Yes he would – and it was so enjoyable. Mike is great company – knowledgable, intelligent, good-humoured and happy to tailor the information to the interest of his customers. One of the best city tours I’ve been on.(the rain cleared). Copenhagen is a wonderful city and by bike is certainly the best way to see it.
Iolarwood, Dublin, Ireland

March 15. 2010
Thanks for a great – although freezing – bike tour. We learned a lot and definetely created a nice Denmark memory.
Sage & Elaine Bronstein, Florida

February 20. 2010
Hi Mike.
Once again many thanks for a great tour in the snow! The highlight of our brief visit to CPH. We will definately recommend you to our friends and colleagues.
Paul, Ali, Freya and Alex – Cambridge UK

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