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i am not just another #$@%&*! bike tour guide. I am bike mike.

bike mike’s circle6 commandments:

i trust that you…

1. Are prepared to go with the flow. My tours have been known to go off the beaten track and may run overtime. If this doesn’t work for you I suggest you go elsewhere.

2. Can safely handle yourself on a bicycle in a foreign urban environment. This is not a lesson in riding bikes.

3. Have a spirit for adventure and a hunger to learn about the ins and outs of Copenhagen.

4. Understand that when we bike Copenhagen does all the talking. There is no verbal guidance while we are riding.

5. Respect my bikes, my city and my straight-shooting way with words.

6. In the interests of maximising your safety you must adopt the local spirit — respect the foundations of our cycling culture and ride like we do. Be cycle-smart, be mindful of others and keep out of their way. Stay with the group.

If you’re after a conventional bike tour with a parrot-robot guide then this is not for you. This is a unique experience for those with a spirit for adventure and a passion for cycling. My tours side-step mainstream tourist crap and narrow in on the real and gritty goodness. Expect local flair with an overflow of heart, soul and passion. Lets get this straight: I’ll tell you what the official guides won’t. There will be words of politics, sex, and rock ‘n’ roll. This is not for the faint-hearted.

This straight-shooting madness is paired only with places of unrivalled beauty — those that where words are meaningless. I want to share the word as seen through my eyes — the good, the bad and the ugly. My focus is to provide an uninterrupted cycling story tale that looks below the surface and into the soul of my city. There’s more to these streets than meets the eye. Explore urban Copenhagen in bloom as we unearth the rough edges and the roads less travelled.

As the streets live and breathe, no two tours will ever be the same. My wild, adventurous spirit will take us off the beaten track so good cycling skills are an absolute must. If you’re after a tour on a silver platter along and a guide to hold your hand then I’m not your guy.

Here’s what you can expect when you’re rolling with me: No shit, just good vibes and great times. No bikemike pampering of high maintenance personalities. Crazy? Yes. Politically correct? No.

Unpredictability lies at the core of the Bike Mike experience — you’re in for the ride of a lifetime. Welcome to the beating heart of my two-wheeled rollercoaster.

Ask someone who knows…

“Loved our bike tour with you today, Mike! Your lively, intelligent, and informed commentary had a great blend of history, politics, and philosophy. I will recommend your tour to others! We also thank you for recommending Cap Horn restaurant – it was lovely. We couldn’t get in to No. 2. Carry on!” 
– Peggy from the US/Pacific NW” – May 2016.



arrowgreen Bike tours start and finish at Bike Mike shop: 47 Sankt Peders Stræde, 1453 København (Copenhagen). see map. Booking required for all tours — you will receive a confirmation email once your booking is accepted.

arrowgreen Please arrive on time (see the tour schedule for start times). All tours kick of with a solid instruction of how my bikes work, cycle safety and how to survive the Bike Mike experience.

arrowgreen Always check the tour schedule timetable before booking. Be sure to check both the schedule AND your email on the day of your tour in case of any last minute changes.

arrowgreen Bike tours have a set cruising speed between stops. When the signs read 15 km per hour, we cycle at 15 km per hour, sorry — no time for stragglers. If you get separated from the group you will need to find your own way back to Bike Mike shop.

arrowgreen Children from 15 years upwards are welcome on the bike tours when accompanied by an adult. Tour group max. size is listed on the description page for each of the bike tours.

arrowgreen Payment is cash only in DKK, EURO or USD at the completion of the tour. I never offer any kind of price reduction, so please dont ask.

arrowgreen My bicycles are strong, classic three gear city bikes. Saddle height can be adjusted to suit. Saddle and handle bar position are non-adjustable. The bikes can hold a maximum weight of 110kgs. Helmets and baskets are available on request please ask before the commencement of the tour.

arrowgreen Cancellation policy: the morning City Tour at 10:00 goes out regardless of the weather and number of guests (only an official warning of cloudburst weather may cause cancellation or when forecast is for subzero temperatures during winter). All other tours require a minimum of 4 guests. Please be sure to cancel your booking if you can no longer make it as the tour will be cancelled if numbers are not sufficient. If your tour is cancelled you will receive an email the morning of the scheduled departure.




Email: – best way to get in contact with Bike Mike
Phone: (45) 2639 5688 Text messaging to Bike Mike phone: (45) 2639 5688 is an efficient way to communicate short questions/messages on day of touring.
I will do my best to answer you asap. However I ask for your patience, as I am a one man band operation – thanks
Address for Bike Mike Tours Shop – meeting point for all Bike Copenhagen with Mike tours: Sankt Peders Stræde 47, 1453 Copenhagen, Denmark
Danish Company Registration: SE/CVR 32623875 Bank: Danske Bank


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Has spring finally arrived in Denmark?

Felt like it has on tonights journey with my dogs along Zealands north coast. Beautiful evening.

Tomorrow morning back to the stone jungle named Copenhagen.
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Montana girls after the ride through thousand years of Danish history on streets of Copenhagen. Kristin, to the right, though now resides in Denmark, in fact only a few streets from where I grew up. Small world as the saying goes. From Great Falls, Montana to Allerød, Denmark. ... See MoreSee Less

Winter time on two wheels in Copenhagen...

can be a challenge due to the unfriendly, harsh climate conditions. But us Danes have ways to overcome the dark times. Like sinking a little sharp shot of "bikemike moonshine". That will kick start your cold heart on any rainy, windy Copenhagen winter day. Pouring into the shot glasses last Sunday inside the dry Kings Gate at Borgen, faces look sceptical, but seconds later, all smiles and laughter.
Thats the spirit we in Denmark call: "hyggeligt"
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See You in Copenaghen bike expo 2017!!!!! 😉 ... See MoreSee Less

Summer 2017 our new ski slope open on top of our new waste to energy plant. This is cool stuff... ... See MoreSee Less

Denmark's newest power station will be a bit different. It has a ski slope on top of it. Read more:

Salvy from Venezuela all smiles after 3 hours struggles on streets of Copenhagen on a cold February day.

Bike tours in full swing. But always check tour schedule before you book:
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2017 season bikemike tours start February 19th at 10:00. Its the 10th season. Welcome aboard to discover Copenhagen together with bikemike on two wheels.

I spent my winter break on a re-discover USA road trip tour. Drove 5.302 kms from Miami Beach to Manhattan. Plus more than 600 kms on my bicycle. Along highways and by-ways. Through sunshine in Florida, to the heart of Dixie in Montgomery, Alabama, along back roads of the Appalachians in Tennesee, on top of Blue Ridge Mountains Skyline Drive, to Cape May on the Atlantic - out of season, visited Amish land in Pennsylvania, met my friend and old bike tour guest Kelly in City of brotherly love, and final stop at my beautiful wife's home on Manhatttan. I learned how I still love the United States of America.

Picture shows me awaiting green light on Park Ave the other day. With beautiful Empire State Building as back drop. New York City has many and good bike lanes but so few cyclists. Come on New Yorkers, get on ya bike. Good for heart and mind.

Welcome to bikemike 2017 Copenhagen discovery.

Ride on...
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At the end of summer 1963, I sat on the floor in our poor home in Denmark and were watching our new small television box, a gift from my grandparents. I was eight years old and missing my father so much. He was killed two years earlier. I lived with my mother and my two brothers. A man spoke on television that day. He spoke in a language I didn't understand. But he captured my heart. "What does he speak about" I asked my mother. She also didn't understand the language the man spoke in but she could read the subtitles. "He speaks about he has a dream" she said. Many times later during my growing up years when life was hard, I found hope in the spirit of that man's speech about having a dream. Some years on that same man was shot and died. Only then I realized the man giving me hope during my growing up years was Dr. Martin Luther King Jnr. He then became one of my heroes. Another of my heroes are the Danish pastor and philosopher Grundtvig. Among many coarses he founded the Danish folk schools: education not only for the elite but for the many. Enlightenment for all so one can make decisions for own life. In early 1930's an American, Myles Horton came to Denmark to learn about the folk schools. Back home again he build the Highlander Folk School high up in the Appalachian Mountains on the outskirts of Monteagle in southeastern Tennesee. The school became the training ground in the 1950's for Americas modern Civil Rights Movement. Dr. Martin Luther King Jnr. and Rosa Parks were students at the school. I only recently learned about Grundtvigs indirect connection with such notable Americans, who changed their country in the 1960's. Then I decided to one day visit the school. So I did on a late Friday afternoon on last Friday in January 2017. I found it was a beautiful experience - historically & personally - to walk on the premises but also felt sad, that the school, a place of great historic importance, is left to what looks like being forgotten. The sign close to the final turnoff for the road of the school is all left today indicating the historic place, the Highlander. ... See MoreSee Less

At the end of summer 1963, I sat on the floor in our poor home in Denmark and were watching our new small television box, a gift from my grandparents. I was eight years old and missing my father so m...

Bike tours still closed for winter break until Feb 18th incl.

2017 season begin on Feb 19th at 10:00 with a very revitalized City tour.

Your tour bookings will be answered during my winter break but you need patience as I am traveling in the USA. Its time for relax and time out, so confirmation of booking requests might take a little while before getting back to you. But don't worry, every little thing is gonna be all right. No need for panic attacks. Thank you for understanding.

Presently I am in Philadelphia, City of Brotherly Love. My favorite USA city. Unpretentious and with a big heart. In Philly I met up with Kelly who came on my Copenhagen bike tour five years ago. Kelly is also a reason to why Philly is my no. one American town.

cheers from a highly spirited Bikemike.
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Hi Mike - I used your website to book 2nd April tour. Will I get a reply email? Just checking my booking reached you? ... See MoreSee Less